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A city of southern Italy northeast of Naples. It is a transportation and industrial center and a major wheat market.


(Italian ˈfɔddʒa)
(Placename) a city in SE Italy, in Apulia: seat of Emperor Frederick II; centre for Carbonari revolutionary societies in the revolts of 1820, 1848, and 1860. Pop: 155 203 (2001)


(ˈfɔd dʒɑ)

a city in SE Italy. 159,192.
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But he has been denied the Bomber Command Clasp because he was based in Foggia, Italy and not the UK during the conflict.
The author's purpose is to bring to light the history and achievements of the Fifteenth Air Force, which was based in Foggia, Italy.
The FRUTIC Symposium will be organized jointly by the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering PotsdamBornim, Germany and the University of Foggia, Italy in cooperation with the FRUIT LOGISTICA.
3) Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Foggia, 71100 Foggia, Italy
The men flew many missions together in the 34 & 31 Squadron from the South African Air Force base in Foggia, Italy.
He was born in Monte San Angelo, Foggia, Italy, a son of Leonardo and Maddelena (Stelluti) Palumbo.
Before data collection, all subjects and their parents provided their informed consent in accordance with the Institutional Ethics Committee for the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine of the University of Foggia, Italy.
Brown's first assignment was with the 97th Bomb Group, stationed in Foggia, Italy.
The supplement is guest edited by Vincenza Frisardi, of the Department of Neurological and Psychiatric Sciences, University of Bari, and the Geriatric Unit and Gerontology-Geriatrics Research Laboratory, IRCCS, Foggia, Italy, and Bruno P.
Mum-of-two Teresa moved to Glasgow with her husband Enzo from Foggia, Italy, in 1991.
The new company, called Princes Industrie Alimentari SrL (PIA), will take over ARIAa[euro](tm)s tomato processing facility located in Foggia, Italy.
Author affiliations: Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale of Puglia and Basilicata, Foggia, Italy (S.