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(Russian ˈfɔkin; French fɔkin)
(Biography) Michel (miʃɛl). 1880–1942, US choreographer, born in Russia, regarded as the creator of modern ballet. He worked with Diaghilev as director of the Ballets Russes (1909–15), producing works such as Les Sylphides and Petrushka



Michel, 1880–1942, Russian choreographer.
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Valery Fokin, whose research focuses on chemical reactivity and biological interactions at the molecular level.
Research at the Fokin lab at USC focuses on chemical reactivity and biological interactions at the molecular level.
Fokin said that Cyprus hosts Steelnet Group for more than 15 years, indicating that this is only one of many examples demonstrating the strategic cooperation between Cyprus and Russia.
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Yurii Fokin, a prominent Soviet television journalist closely involved in the Our World negotiations, helped revive the Our World idea as an all-Union live satellite spectacular celebrating the 50th anniversary of the October revolution.
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Il convient de savoir qu'on se produit a travers le monde en vue de devoiler des pans de la culture russe en ressuscitant les grandes œuvres de grands choregraphes russes comme Petipas, Gorsky ou Fokin.
Israeli army] declares Hosan-Wadi Fokin Triangle, [near
Head of Wadi Fokin village council, Ahmed Sukar, said that Israeli bulldozers started razing an agricultural land in al-Qisma village, south of the village which is adjacent to the Tzour Hadassah settlement.
Finn, Valery Fokin and Barry Sharpless for developing so-called "click chemistry", which has applications in diagnostics and in making surface coatings with unusual properties.