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1. A technical process by which sounds are created or altered for use in a film, video, or other electronically produced work.
2. A person who creates or alters sounds using this process.

[After Jack Foley (1891-1967), pioneering sound effect editor at Universal Studios in the 1930s.]


(ˈfəʊlɪ) or

foley artist

(Film) films the US name for footsteps editor
[C20: named after J.D. Foley (1891-1967), US sound editor]


(ˈfoʊ li)
of or pertaining to motion-picture sound effects produced manually: a Foley artist; the Foley editor.
[after Jack Foley, sound-effect pioneer at Universal Pictures in the 1930s]
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This is a story told by the late Benson Foley of San Francisco:
Foley, that I have any longer a claim to your friendship, since Mr.
Just in case, the Foleys had better keep some wall space available.
John's High basketball coach Bob Foley stored his championship and coach-of-the-year plaques, framed newspaper clippings, and other memorabilia in boxes until his wife Joan displayed them in a room in their basement a few years ago.
state of New Hampshire to make a public plea to his captors because the Foleys haven't received any information about their son in six weeks.
Published under the auspices of the Black Country Society, The Seventeenth Century Foleys (pounds 12.
Besides sharing their thoughts on the death of James, or Jim to the family, the Foleys also disclosed that they received an email from the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL), warning them of the price that the US would pay for air strikes on ISIL targets in Iraq.
So many people have come together to help the Foleys because they're really great people and Dylan's a wonderful boy,'' said family friend Rainette Lyons.
With their son now sick and complaining of flu-like symptoms, the Foleys took Dylan to see a doctor.
New South Wales Labor leader Luke Foley admitted that he had been convicted of drink-driving on two occasions.
But throughout his battle to live, 12-year-old Dylan Foley never stopped wondering aloud what his first day back to school would be like.
The Foley family has lived in the Santa Clarita Valley for nearly a decade,'' Ullman said.