folk rock

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or folk rock (fōk′rŏk′)
A variety of popular music combining elements of rock music and folk music.

folk′-rock′ adj.

folk′ rock`

rock'n'roll influenced by folk music.
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NEW YORK (AFP) - Folk rock legend Paul Simon said Monday he plans to close out his touring career with a last series of concerts in his hometown of New York.
FOLK Rock pioneers Steeleye Span are fast approaching their 50th anniversary, and will be in Aberystwyth at the end of this month.
Like Creedence, this is folk rock with bite and beats.
FOLK rock duo Megson's first album of totally original songs will include anthems to steel.
The tracks range from rousing acappella harmonies, mellow piano ballads, rockabilly shuffles, influences of world music and funky folk rock.
Often melancholy and meditative, Black Marmot is a band that brings a sort of thoughtfulness to its particular brand of folk rock, especially on an album such as 2012's "Everyday Seeker,'' which sustains a thick emotional current from beginning to end.
There's also a treat in store for Welsh music fans of a certain age with the appearance of Cardiff's purveyors of shimmering folk rock No Thee No Ess, and North Walian psychedelic minimalists Pulco.
Our second picture is from 1983 and shows the North East folk rock group, Mucus and the Bogey Men, Stephen Willis, Nicholas Bunker and Tony Bennet.
Fairport Convention formed in 1967 and are widely regarded as the most important single group in the English folk rock movement.
With drummer Duncan Arrow and bass player Rupert de Jonghe, their distinctive folk rock sound will be heard a variety of festivals in 2009.
FOLK rock band The Levellers are one of the major headliners at Brum's popular free festival this month.
The Wallsend-born musician, who famously claimed to have written and performed the mandolin 'hook' to Rod Stewart's Maggie May, has joined forces with a number of other legends from the world of folk rock to form The Gathering.