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2) For ensample, bi my sawe Sop mow 3e fonge Of iubiter.
For example, he changes "fonge" to "fonde" in "Come and drynk and metes fonge.
Richard Fonge, who has played an active role in the running of the show for the last 27 years, has been elected president, while the Rev Gordon Gatward has been appointed new show chairman.
Fonge, "Medicinal plants of Aguambu-Bamumbu in the Lebialem highlands, Southwest Province of Cameroon," African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, vol.
Author's profile: Denis Fonge Tembong is working towards his Ph.
Fonge, Cultivating an Economic Crisis in Cameroon: The Rhetoric versus the Reality of Planned Liberalism, in THE LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE IN AFRICA: CAMEROON UNDER PAUL BIYA 337, 340-344 (John Mukum Mbaku & Joseph Takougang eds.
The scheme's administrator, Anna Fonge, said the non-exam course, which is held on Sundays, is aimed at teenagers who are serious about acting.
Fonge opens his book by lamenting on a myriad of problems facing African states: governmental instability, declining economies and deteriorating infrastructures.
He added: "Richard Fonge has been directing the show for the last 10 years and has always done a fantastic job so I've got big shoes to fill.
PARTNERS: Paul Doherty from Rix Petroleum (second left) with Kenilworth Show organising committee chair Cynthia Mold, show secretary Penny Poulter and director Richard Fonge.
Farmer Richard Fonge became so exasperated by the sordid shenanigans in the shady dells of Roughknowles Wood, off Crackley Lane, near Kenilworth, that he agreed to unleash a couple of dozen Tamworth porkers.
Kenilworth Show organisers get ready for this year's event (back, from left) Alison Gillis, Richard Fonge, John Semple and (front) John Rouse, Linda Blythe and Paul Rice.