Food shopping

Food shopping   
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Understanding consumers' attitudes and behaviors when it comes to mealtime and food shopping gives ConAgra Foods the ability to continue to refine its products and approach to meet consumers' greatest needs.
But local food shopping continues to haemorrhage when it could be growing.
This indifference is perhaps hardly surprising, since the bulk of food shopping is perceived as replenishment and the idea of restocking the kitchen cupboard doesn't exactly send the heart racing.
CHICAGO -- American Dietetic Association/ConAgra Foods Foundation Provide Smart Strategies for Bulk Food Shopping
When do they start their food shopping for Christmas?
According to the initial findings, almost two-thirds of all shopping trips (62%) are quick trips, one quarter are fill-in trips while the classic stock-up is becoming more fragmented, accounting for only 13% of trips -- a clear indication of a new approach to food shopping in America.
At Whole Foods Market, we believe food shopping should be an adventure, not a chore," said Lannon.
They can combine multiple errands, such as food shopping, and trips to the dry cleaners and the bank, into a single trip in a hybrid car, which will help reduce pollution and congestion.
Hermanns said of his appointment: " I believe that the online channel offers consumers a wonderful opportunity to improve the efficiency of their weekly food shopping.
The PDQuick alliance with NetZero, a leading provider of advertising- and commerce-supported Internet access, removes one of the barriers to online grocery and food shopping by giving customers free access to the Internet.
The Women's Supermarket Network, which provides in store programming featuring the latest health-related tips and news for smart and healthy food shopping, will be introduced in more than one thousand supermarkets by Fall 2000.

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