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As premier bank to the food, beverage and agribusiness sector, we are keen to understand first-hand the new ideas and technologies happening in the food space, and to help foodchain players capitalize on innovations in order to feed a growing world population in a sustainable, secure, safe and healthy way.
Andy McLaren: "His very own Labour party look down on the working class, a party who's very ethos was to protect those at the bottom of the foodchain.
This is the top of Valpolicella foodchain - rich and complex.
If racing's high heid yins can't get it right with the Group 1s whether it's in Paris, Dublin or Epsom, what chance do those further down the foodchain, competing in Grade 6s at Southwell and Wolverhampton have?
Sandra Kepler is CEO of FoodChain Global Advisors, the founding technical consultant and technical administrator of the Non-GMO Project's product verification program.
As bitcoin's value soars, crudely connected graphics cards are the shovels of the 21st century, and while much of the excitement surrounding bitcoin this year has focused on the trading (and theft) of the coins, little attention has been given to another booming industry brought to life by users looking to make their money from being a step further up the foodchain.
Earlier this year it was revealed horsemeat had been found in the foodchain and Mr Munro said: "People are willing to come into our shops and pay money for a premium product.
A strong lineup will join the Flobots on stage, including The Foodchain, and Rowdy Shadehouse Funk Band, both local favorites.
CRIMINAL gangs are rounding up stray horses and selling them to crooked foreign abattoirs where they end up in the foodchain, a Birmingham conference heard.
The National Farmers' Union said 3,000 British horses are flygrazing - the term for unauthorised grazing of horses - then being taken abroad with false papers, and ending up in the foodchain.
Stuart Shotton, consultancy services director at adviser FoodChain Europe, said brands faced costs of up to [pounds sterling]7,000 per product to redesign labels.