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n. Informal
One who has an ardent or refined interest in food; a gourmet. Also called foodist.


(ˈfuːdɪ) or


n, pl -ies
(Cookery) a person having an enthusiastic interest in the preparation and consumption of good food


(ˈfu di)

n. Slang.
a person keenly interested in food, esp. a gourmet.
[1980–85; food + -ie, in part extracted from junkie]
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Noun1.foodie - a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink)foodie - a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink)
sensualist - a person who enjoys sensuality


noun (Informal) gourmet, connoisseur, bon viveur (French), gourmand, bon vivant (French), epicure, gastronome fist-class choice for the serious foodie


foody [ˈfuːdi] ngourmet mfood industry nindustrie f alimentairefood labelling nétiquetage m des alimentsfood mixer nmixeur mfood parcel ncolis m de vivresfood poisoning nintoxication f alimentairefood processing n (industrial)transformation f des alimentsfood processor nrobot m de cuisinefood rationing nrationnement m alimentairefood shopping ncourses fpl alimentaires
to do food shopping → faire ses courses alimentairesfood stamp n (US)bon m de nourriture (pour indigents)Food Standards Agency n (British) agence britannique de contrôle de la sécurité alimentaireAFSSA f(= Agence française de sécurité sanitaire des aliments)


n (inf)
(= gourmet)Gourmet m, → Feinschmecker(in) m(f)
(= food fanatic)Kochfreak m (inf)
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Whenever there's a get-together of foodies, there is usually a new dish that becomes the topic of conversation.
Five courses of artisan food, each course paired specifically with a wine, in the company of other foodies.
EVERYONE knows Foodies Festivals are where you can watch the greatest chefs cook live - but now you can meet them in person in our exclusive VIP Lounges.
FREERANGE eggs from Ochr Cefn Isa are among the products that can be bought straight from the farm door on a new circular walk for foodies.
For example, 69% of foodies surveyed" always" read the nutrition panels of foods that they purchase.
Scratch cooks and foodies are the target of a new [pounds sterling]12m marketing campaign for Aria's market-leading Lurpak butter brand.
London, April 5 (ANI): Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has been given a thumbs down after disappointing foodies with his curries in India.
HEINZ are launching a posh version of their tomato ketchup in a bid to win over foodies.
Any preference given to serving drinkers over foodies (though as a regular it's not my experience) could be because serving a drink or two is far less trouble.
Stephen Woos, head chef at The Bank Restaurant, and Michael Oliver, from Thai Edge, in Brindleyplace, joint winners of Ultimate Foodies
In the new culture of the foodies, there's a proliferation of food and cooking magazines, TV shows, whole television networks, even celebrity chefs.
Two Ma Maison alumni from that restaurant's heyday on Melrose Avenue, Jonathan Weiss and Mark Brown, have reunited as co-owners of Foodies - An American Grill in West Los Angeles.