fools gold

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fool's′ gold′

iron or copper pyrites, sometimes mistaken for gold.
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THE folk music group, Fools Gold, perform across the region, presenting their take on local characters, events and industries.
Saturday sees tribute band The Total Stone Roses take to Ku's stage with recreations of classic numbers including She Bangs The Drums, Fools Gold, Waterfall, I Wanna Be Adored and Love Spreads.
His list is: Crazy Baldhead - Bob Marley; Juicy - Biggie Smalls; Talkin' Bout a Revolution - Tracy Chapman; Successful - Drake; Human Nature - Michael Jackson; P's & Q's - Kano; Shook Ones Part II - Mobb Deep; Back to Life - Soul II Soul; Fools Gold - Stone Roses; Renegade - Jay-Z.
Fools Gold Radio Podcast by A-Trak I'm cheating a bit with this one because its not technically a singular track, but I've been listening to A-Trak's Fools Gold Radio podcast mix series on my iPod loads.
But the Fools Gold rockers were back together for their gig at Sweden's Hulstfred festival on Thursday night.
The former Oasis singer was in Barcelona on Friday to see the reformed band storm through a 90-minute set which included Waterfall, Fools Gold and She Bangs the Drums.
All the classics will be rolled out including Waterfall, Fools Gold and I am the Resurrection and the band even have the approval of former Roses bass player Mani, who thought they were superb when he saw them at Brixton.
It might not start a gold rush but it certainly could be more than fools gold.