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A trunk for storing personal belongings, especially one kept at the foot of a bed, as in a barracks.


(Military) US a long trunk at the foot of a bed, where personal possessions are kept, esp in an army barracks


(ˈfʊtˌlɒk ər)

a small trunk kept at the foot of a bed, esp. to hold a soldier's or camper's personal effects.
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Noun1.footlocker - a trunk for storing personal possessionsfootlocker - a trunk for storing personal possessions; usually kept at the foot of a bed (as in a barracks)
trunk - luggage consisting of a large strong case used when traveling or for storage


foot locker [ˈfʊtlɒkər] n (US)malle f
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The Hilltoppers sophomore placed second Saturday at the 39th Foot Locker Nationals in San Diego.
The ever-wise bunny provides them with Foot locker apparel and recruits the one-time Slam Dunk champion Griffin, who quiped, 'Who'd you expect, Elmer Fudd?
53% of Foot Locker worth $47,670,000 is being owned by LSV Asset Management as of its most recent SEC filing.
Vomado's 330 West 34th Street was ideal for Foot Locker, and we worked closely with the owner to complete the transaction in a tight timeframe.
Thousands of sneaker fanatics from across the Middle East descended on Foot Locker stores across the region last weekend for the most anticipated event of the year: the launch of the 2015 edition of the most iconic athletic shoes of them all, the legendary Nike Air Jordan.
Foot Locker unveiled the final agreement on the deal in May.
Lady Foot Locker VIP program members and customers who make in-store purchases will be able to choose from a variety of Running DJ mixes designed specifically for runners.
The motives for the confrontation between the two groups of youths inside Foot Locker remain unclear.
A forensics team erected a white tent in front of Foot Locker, overlooked by Christmas lights.
A tent had been erected in the street a few yards from the entrance to the Foot Locker store.
12 October 2011 - S&P on Tuesday raised to "positive" from "stable" its outlook on US speciality athletic footwear retailer Foot Locker Inc (NYSE:FL).
And now a decade later, the "T-shirt for your feet" is making a welcome comeback at Foot Locker.