Foot candle

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1.(Photom.) The amount of illumination produced by a standard candle at a distance of one foot.
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The average foot candle readings registered about 30 foot candles much too low for the precision manufacturing taking place in the area.
Generally, the higher the foot candle level the better for the viewer, as long as it alleviates glare, hot spots and shadows for fans and cameras.
The advanced optical efficiencies of solia brand luminaires are defined by higher lumen output, improved efficacies, greater light intensity, and advanced foot candle distribution - all of which work together to reduce the number of luminaires needed to light a particular space while also enhancing return on investment and reducing the overall cost of ownership.
Qatar National Convention Center extension needs lighting products which will be positioned over 40 ft structure to tackle high level temperatures from 115AF - 131AF and generate about 50 foot candle light with 40A cutoff, fulfilling the energy usage limits of Qatar National Convention Center.
The new lights are brighter than those they replace, an average foot candle of 3.