Foot pound

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Foot´ pound`

1.(Mech.) A unit of energy, or work, being equal to the work done in raising one pound avoirdupois against the force of gravity through a vertical distance of one foot.
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D10x15 Navigator - The self contained D10x15 horizontal directional boring machine has a 50 hp diesel engine delivering 1,500 foot pounds of rotational torque and 10,000 pounds of pullback force.
I would call 30 to 35 foot pounds absolute minimum for pronghorn to deer-sized animals, granted an efficient broadhead design is chosen.
Limousin cow with Heifer calf at foot pounds 600 Bothel Craggs.
Its turret is designed with a 20-hp 6,000-rpm spindle and 86 foot pounds of torque for live tools.
This combination of velocity and bullet weight produces a muzzle energy of 3,187 foot pounds, with more than a ton of energy remaining at 100 yards.
The machine develops 80,000 pounds of pullback, 12,000 foot pounds of torque, and has a 200 gpm onboard drilling fluid pump.
These "smart" wrenches have programmable clamping force that can achieve 160,000 foot pounds of breakout torque and 75,000 foot pounds of make-up torque.
The new Caterpillar(R) 3054C turbo-charged diesel engine delivers 100 horsepower and gives the RC-100 304 foot pounds of engine torque, more than any other rubber-tracked loader.