Foot pound

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Foot´ pound`

1.(Mech.) A unit of energy, or work, being equal to the work done in raising one pound avoirdupois against the force of gravity through a vertical distance of one foot.
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D10x15 Navigator - The self contained D10x15 horizontal directional boring machine has a 50 hp diesel engine delivering 1,500 foot pounds of rotational torque and 10,000 pounds of pullback force.
With 400 foot pounds of torque, the Ram Cummins Diesel is almost as much fun to drive as a couple of my other favorite Dodges -- my personal 1978 Dodge Li'l Red Truck and the incredible new Viper.
Limousin cow with Heifer calf at foot pounds 600 Bothel Craggs.
This combination of velocity and bullet weight produces a muzzle energy of 3,187 foot pounds, with more than a ton of energy remaining at 100 yards.
The ESW-M is designed to operate on 20 gpm hydraulic flow from the excavator to produce up to 60,000 foot pounds of breakout torque, 45,000 foot pounds of make-up torque, and 2,000 foot pounds torque spinner.
Designed to do the work of four torque wrenches, the TechAngle Electronic Torque Wrench allows users to set the torque value in Newton meters, foot pounds, or inch pounds and angle of rotation.
The machine develops 80,000 pounds of pullback, 12,000 foot pounds of torque, and has a 200 gpm onboard drilling fluid pump.
The new Caterpillar(R) 3054C turbo-charged diesel engine delivers 100 horsepower and gives the RC-100 304 foot pounds of engine torque, more than any other rubber-tracked loader.
For example, the engine for a car requiring 200 foot pounds of torque would weigh approximately 300 pounds.