Foot press

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(Mach.) a cutting, embossing, or printing press, moved by a treadle.

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Blue Foot Press, an imprint of MidAmerica Publishing Company, claims to have significantly reduced the cost of publishing hardcover children's picture books.
The 22,000+ square foot press center at the grand opening would be the envy of anyone in the communication business.
This week Stock Steel and Aluminum is installing a new 400 ton 14 foot press brake in their Spokane plant according to Lawrence A.
Coulson explained, their 750 ton 24 foot press brake, nicknamed `Orange Crunch', will continue to bend the customer's heavy and/or long (3/4" x up to 24 foot') bending requirements.
Nothing happened; the more we struggled, the more solidly did the foot press down.
4th Edition By Paul Joannides Waldport, OR, Goofy Foot Press, 2004, 782 pp.
In Washington, the Big Foot press too often lets them get away with it.