For the main

for the most part; in the greatest part.

See also: Main

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Consequently the shifting of the wire from the positive pole of the dry cell for the main dial from its usual binding post to either the check A or check B binding post does not appreciably alter the total resistance in the path of the main-dial current.
The two binding posts for the main galvanometer and the ones marked "+Ref.
The junction between these two bodies produces a wide-angled corner as a natural main entrance with a revolving door in the north end of the short tract, while the closing angle between the two leaves a convenient void as daylit well for the main staircase, allowing some vertical visual continuity even for those using the well-positioned lifts opposite.
Analysis of brand awareness for the main brands of polystyrene and mineral wool from Romania
Market shares for the main suppliers of polystyrene and mineral wool
Diamond 385VDO - Provides decode only for the Main and ASP profiles, making this ideal for advanced handsets and PMPs.
Diamond 388VDO - Provides decode and encode for the Main profiles.
50/lb would have to be maintained in 2008 and 2009 in order for the Main Zone Extension to generate more cash than the current mine plan.
A 43-101 compliant Mineral Resource Estimate has been calculated for the Main Zone, which shows an Indicated Mineral Resource of 23,700,000 tonnes at an average grade of 0.
It streamlines the work and avoids unnecessary or duplicative activities," according to Steve Canty, Vice President of Claims for The Main Street America Group.
to sell the Main Pass sulphur and related facilities has been terminated because of the agreement with OSFI, however, OSFI intends to continue discussions with Trinity and others regarding alternate uses for the Main Pass infrastructure that will be left in place.