Foraging party

a party sent out after forage.

See also: Forage

References in classic literature ?
Had it not been for an incident which now befell, the baronial army would doubtless have reached the city without being detected, but it happened that the evening before Henry had ordered a foraging party to ride forth at daybreak, as provisions for both men and beasts were low.
To be sure there was one rather unpleasant drawback to these agreeable anticipations--the possibility of falling in with a foraging party of these same bloody-minded Typees, whose appetites, edged perhaps by the air of so elevated a region, might prompt them to devour one.
If a foraging party came across a member of a neighbouring group near the borders of their territory, they would kill him if it was safe to do so -- in practice, if they outnumbered him by at least three-to-one.
Cholo's argument that the deceased member of his foraging party is responsible for his own death because he knew the risks before signing up for the mission frames him as someone who has failed to meet the norms of his profession.
When pups first tag along with a foraging party, they're "fairly incompetent" says Thornton.
The whole population is against us; not a foraging party but is fired on, and not infrequently returns with missing numbers.