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Of or relating to the sense of touch; tactile.

[Greek haptikos, from haptesthai, to grasp, touch, of unknown origin.]


(Biology) relating to or based on the sense of touch
[C19: from Greek, from haptein to touch]
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Adj.1.haptic - of or relating to or proceeding from the sense of touch; "haptic data"; "a tactile reflex"
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Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced today that it has developed a fast force-feedback control algorithm for industrial robots using its Maisart proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology, resulting in low-tolerance precision tasks to be performed with fewer trials and in less time compared to human-supported robot assembly.
The Victoria-based company has invented a state-of-the-art solution called "Magnetic Force-Feedback" that replaces complex and expensive mechanical systems found in traditional force-feedback (control loading) systems with precisely controlled magnetic fields.
Engel, Goossens, and Haakma (1994) presented a force-feedback trackball that significantly shortened the completion time of moving a cursor through a maze.
Add the Saitek R4 force-feedback wheel to the above chair and you can throw away your real Subaru.
Force-feedback is already in use on joysticks for racing games, but a lack of suitable controllers has stopped the technology spreading much beyond that.
When you fire a gun, for example, a force-feedback joystick kicks back in your hand; with a force-feedback steering wheel, you have to wrestle when making a high-speed turn.
New Devices and Features Demonstrate Breadth of Offering and Ease of Programming Made Possible by SensAble's PHANTOM[R] Force-Feedback Haptic Devices
Haptic force-feedback devices provide the human operator with tactile cues, adding the sense of touch to existing visual and auditory interfaces.
Its version of force-feedback - a feature once limited to costly military and commercial flight simulators or arcade games - is being built into joysticks for the PC user.
The latest addition to the acclaimed Logitech G-series line of gaming peripherals and the company's first force-feedback flight simulation controller, the design and controls of the Flight System G940 were inspired by military and commercial planes and helicopters.
These features include a six-speed gated shifter and clutch pedal; two high-torque force-feedback motors; an 11-inch wheel; and a full 900 degrees of rotation.
5 turns), and advanced force-feedback technology help to deliver an unprecedented experience.