labor camp

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la′bor camp`

1. a penal colony where inmates are forced to work.
2. a camp for the shelter of migratory farm workers.
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Noun1.labor camp - a penal institution for political prisoners who are used as forced labor
camp - a penal institution (often for forced labor); "China has many camps for political prisoners"
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Since 2006, expeditions of Lithuanian young people have travelled to 70 locations in Siberia to maintain the cemeteries of Lithuanian deportees who perished in Soviet prisons and forced-labour camps.
He spent 12 years in Soviet prisons, forced-labour camps and psychiatric hospitals, which were used by the authorities to incarcerate political dissidents and submit them to compulsory treatment to "cure" their beliefs.
China remains a bitter, secretive dictatorship where citizens, particularly members of Falun Gong, routinely vanish into forced-labour camps.