Forest glade

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a grassy space in a forest.

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Never a word said Robin Hood, but he looked at the foresters with a grim face; then, turning on his heel, strode away from them down the forest glade.
So saying, he strode away through the leafy forest glades until he had come to the verge of Sherwood.
us strode hastily down the forest glade, driving before him, with the assistance of Fangs, the whole herd of his inharmonious charge.
On the way he came upon a herd of elephants standing in an open forest glade.
That same evening within a forest glade a group of men--some twoscore clad in Lincoln green--sat round a fire roasting venison and making merry.
As the sound of woodcutters in some forest glade upon the mountains--and the thud of their axes is heard afar--even such a din now rose from earth-clash of bronze armour and of good ox-hide shields, as men smote each other with their swords and spears pointed at both ends.
As when Jove, gatherer of the thunder-cloud, spreads a dense canopy on the top of some lofty mountain, and all the peaks, the jutting headlands, and forest glades show out in the great light that flashes from the bursting heavens, even so when the Danaans had now driven back the fire from their ships, they took breath for a little while; but the fury of the fight was not yet over, for the Trojans were not driven back in utter rout, but still gave battle, and were ousted from their ground only by sheer fighting.
The quiet childhood of Humanity, spent in the far-off forest glades and by the murmuring rivers, is gone forever; and human life is deepening down to manhood amid tumult, doubt, and hope.
The vistas he saw were vistas of green foliage and forest glades, all softly luminous or shot through with flashing lights.
pervomayskaya km 0,219 - km 1,258 in the shchelkovo district;"m-8" kholmogory "- forest glade - korolev" - the central estate "forest glades" km 0.
SHE'S organised pop-up restaurants in a forest glade and on a mountain summit: now local food champion Caroline Dawson is planning a one-off meal in the ruins of a medieval castle.
Duffy, of Forest Glade in Lurgan, Co Armagh, is one of three men facing trial on charges of belonging to an IRA grouping and attempting to murder members of the PSNI.