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forge 1

1. A furnace or hearth where metals are heated or wrought; a smithy.
2. A workshop where pig iron is transformed into wrought iron.
v. forged, forg·ing, forg·es
a. To form (metal, for example) by heating in a forge and beating or hammering into shape.
b. To form (metal) by a mechanical or hydraulic press.
2. To give form or shape to, especially by means of careful effort: forge a treaty; forge a close relationship.
3. To fashion or reproduce for fraudulent purposes; counterfeit: forge a signature.
1. To work at a forge or smithy.
2. To make a forgery or counterfeit.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Vulgar Latin *faurga, from Latin fabrica, from faber, worker.]

forge′a·bil′i·ty n.
forge′a·ble adj.
forg′er n.

forge 2

intr.v. forged, forg·ing, forg·es
1. To advance gradually but steadily: forged ahead through throngs of shoppers.
2. To advance with an abrupt increase of speed: forged into first place with seconds to go.

[Probably from forge.]


1. (Metallurgy) the process of producing a metal component by hammering
2. (Metallurgy) the act of a forger
3. (Metallurgy) a metal component produced by this process
4. (Horse Training, Riding & Manège) the collision of a horse's hind shoe and fore shoe


(ˈfɔr dʒɪŋ, ˈfoʊr-)

1. an act or instance of forging.
2. something forged; a piece of forged work in metal.
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Noun1.forging - shaping metal by heating and hammeringforging - shaping metal by heating and hammering
formation, shaping - the act of fabricating something in a particular shape
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We can design our own forgings in very low-volume applications and then do more machining, or in a very high-volume application we can design more complex net-shape forgings and do less machining.
They have been also studied a new tool design for cross groove inner race for a constant velocity joint, the flashless forging of an aluminum connecting rod, design of cold forgings and forming sequences, die wear in warm forging extrusion, and examples of DEFORM-3D simulations of a connecting rod, blade coining.
They have the largest ring rolling machine in China - 9,000 mm - a mathed 6000T oil press machine, a 9m car type electric heat treatment furnace and a new build large scale CNC machine production line item, which will improve finishing machine production capacity of large annular forgings.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Metal Stampings, Forgings, and Castings in US$ Million by the following Product Segments:
The Michigan Manufacturing International metal forging partner is the largest Asian manufacturer of MW-grade wind power shaft products.
Brooks Forgings, established in 1960, is a leading British forge, manufacturing forged, machined and fabricated components.
Established in 1910, Victoria Drop Forgings has been supplying the aircraft industry since the 1930s and currently provides aerospace components and fittings including the fuel line connector Rolls Royce used on their Trent engine range.
Covered in the agreement are aerospace structural forgings sold to Goodrich's Landing Gear facilities in the US, Canada and Poland by ATI Ladish's ZKM Forging operation between 2012 and 2015.
The advanced forging press will manufacture large forgings mainly for the aircraft industry, which is growing worldwide.
Based on mentioned results it is possible to apply the technology of warm forging to small and medium drop forgings (with mass from about 0,5 to 5 kg) with simple and not rugged shapes.
now maintains only casting and machining operations, having announced the sale of its Navasota, Texas, custom forging division.
Steel Forgings remains a product of cofounders Dick Sedberry and Fleet Davis' guiding principles - distinctive, quality products and manufacturing flexibility.