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See Table at currency.

[Hungarian, from Italian fiorino, florin; see florin.]


(Hungarian ˈforint)
(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Hungary, divided into 100 fillér
[from Hungarian, from Italian fiorino florin]


(ˈfɔr ɪnt)

the basic monetary unit of Hungary.
[1945–50; < Hungarian < Italian fiorino. See florin]
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Noun1.forint - the basic unit of money in Hungary
Hungarian monetary unit - monetary unit in Hungary
filler - 100 filler equal 1 forint in Hungary
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The strengthening forint is threatening exports and the National Bank of Hungary, which has already cut its main rate NBHI to a record low of 0.
Our Hungary Country Risk team forecasts significant forint appreciation against the dollar over 2016-2020, which supports our forecast for a consumer electronics device spending CAGR of 7.
USPRwire, Fri Sep 04 2015] A more bearish outlook for forint depreciation in 2015 has resulted in a downgrade to the consumer electronics spending growth outlook for Hungary.
The forint was largely unfazed while bonds firmed slightly.
Eastern European destinations are full of promise, says the 2013 Post Office City Costs Barometer released today, with Budapest's low prices and the pound's stability against the forint currency making it the best bargain.
The forint has weakened significantly in recent weeks as a consequence of these worries.
Summary: Hungary's currency the forint fell Wednesday following a report that Economy Minister Gyorgy Matolcsy, seen .
Other currencies which have crashed against sterling include the Polish zloty, the Hungarian forint, the Czech koruna and the Turkish lira.
LONDON: The Hungarian forint skidded more than 1 percent against the euro on Monday after Budapest requested help from the IMF while Egypt's debt insurance costs blew out 60 basis points to 2-1/2 year highs as pre-election violence accelerated in Cairo.
63) forints per liter, salted snacks 400 per kilogram, ice cream 100 per kilogram, instant soup 500 per kilogram and candy 200 forint per kilogram.
In February, the bank had announced its plans to purchase forint mortgage debt to reduce premiums and encourage cheaper credit in local currency.
BNP advises clients to take "long" positions in the rand, shekel and lira while "shorting" the Hungarian forint, Polish zloty and Czech koruna, Elisabeth Gruie, an emerging-market currency strategist in London, told Bloomberg agency.