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[Hungarian, from Italian fiorino, florin; see florin.]


(Hungarian ˈforint)
(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Hungary, divided into 100 fillér
[from Hungarian, from Italian fiorino florin]


(ˈfɔr ɪnt)

the basic monetary unit of Hungary.
[1945–50; < Hungarian < Italian fiorino. See florin]
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Noun1.forint - the basic unit of money in Hungary
Hungarian monetary unit - monetary unit in Hungary
filler - 100 filler equal 1 forint in Hungary
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Novus Interior Hungary Limited constructed a two thousand square metre production hall in Nagyvzsony with an investment of over half a billion forints (EUR 1.
7 billion forints exceeding analysts' median forecast of 189.
Quaestor is suspected of issuing bonds for up to 150 billion forints ($524 million) above its issuance program of 60 billion forints ($210 million).
Users have to feed Hungarian forints into the machine, which then electronically downloads the digital currency.
They included lifting the current financial transaction tax and raising existing charges on telephone calls and mining royalties for what some analysts said was around 100 billion forints ($459.
Malev CEO Lorant Limburger said in a statement that the airline's suppliers had lost confidence and begun demanding advance payments adding that: "The situation has become unsustainable," The Hungarian government could no longer provide cash injections to help the airline, following a European Commission ruling on January 9 that state aid given to Malev between 2007 and 2010 was unlawful The 38 billions forints (US$171.
The EU competition watchdog has demanded Hungarian flag-carrier airline Malev hand back tens of millions of euros and tens of billions of forints in illegally paid state aid.
63) forints per liter, salted snacks 400 per kilogram, ice cream 100 per kilogram, instant soup 500 per kilogram and candy 200 forint per kilogram.
Letting it cool off too much would have caused damages worth billions of forints.
CE Oil and Gas, which already controlled 16% of BorsodChem, has indicated that it acquired a further 43% of shares in the Hungarian operator for 5,300 forints (Euro 21.
37 billion Forints (Euro 113 million) in damages from an Australian mining company responsible, last January, for polluting the Danube basin with cyanide.
In Hungary, heavyweight telecoms group Matav, which has been sold recently by foreign investors due to the bearish international trend of technology and telecoms shares, was hit hard - losing 83 forints over the week to close at 1,937 forints on Thursday.