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A whitish or yellowish form of the mineral olivine, Mg2SiO4, in which the mafic component consists entirely of magnesium.

[After Adolarius Jacob Forster (1739-1806), English mineral collector.]


(Minerals) a white, yellow, or green mineral of the olivine group consisting of magnesium silicate. Formula: Mg2SiO4
[C19: named after J. R. Forster (1729–98), German naturalist]
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Cubic zirconia (CZ) best known as a diamond substitute, is now being produced to look like tanzanite, as are other manufactured materials such as laboratory-grown forsterite, coranite, tanavyte, corundum garnet and spinel.
Forsterite (Mg2SiO4) is one of the novel bio-ceramics that is used in tissue engineering, specially in bone tissue.
According to scientists, the crystals are in the form of forsterite and belong to the olivine family of silicate minerals.
Over the period of three decades the company has to its credit development of many proprietary ceramic formulations in Aluminium Oxide, Zirconium Oxide, Forsterite, Steatite, etc.
10 What is the common name for gem-quality forsterite olivine, also known as "poor man's emerald"?
Figure 3 demonstrates that during the heat-treatment program, part of the phlogopite was transformed to the forsterite and leucite phases.
On a more detailed basis, Vert viride (the bluish green used in Station I for the toga worn by Pontius Pilatus) contains chromium oxide (Cr2O3 x 2H2O, Guignet's formula patented in Paris in 1859) plus cobalt oxide giving the bluish shade; Vert olive passe, although containing some chromium oxide, may also have a component of olivine, a rare mineral of volcanic origin including, in variable percentages, green fayalite and colourless forsterite, two high-fusing point silicates (forsterite 1850[degrees]C; fayalite 1200[degrees]C), a circumstance that would explain the difficulty in producing an enamel with this hue to be processed at temperatures below 1000[degrees]C as, according to the Lenci records, this could not be procured from any of its other suppliers.
If the prograde metamorphic peak assemblage is dolomite-forsterite-calcite, then brucite will form through reaction (6); however, during the retrograde stage forsterite may also react with calcite, [H.
The intrusive calc-silicate rocks contain mineral assemblages ranging from titanite + scapolite + diopside + K-feldspar + calcite [+ or -] quartz to calcite + scapolite + forsterite + titanite + spinel [+ or -] Ca-rich amphibole.
What makes it significant is that it contains tiny grains of a magnesium-rich mineral called cordierite, together with an olivine mineral called forsterite.
The research will also test the laser's capability to identify minerals that are being illegally sold as more expensive ones, such as synthetic forsterite sold as tanzanite.
Soon after graduation he developed a forsterite ceramic that had high-frequency insulation characteristics needed for television tubes.