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 (fŏz′bə-rē), Richard Douglas Known as "Dick." Born 1947.
American athlete. He won a gold medal in the high jump at the 1968 Olympics, revolutionizing the event by going over the bar head first and backwards in what became known as the "Fosbury flop."
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Noun1.Fosbury - United States athlete who revolutionized the high jump by introducing the Fosbury flop in the 1968 Olympics (born in 1947)
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But over time he proved himself, and nowadays the Fosbury Flop has been widely adopted as the preferred high jump method.
Legendary track and field Olympians such as Bob Beamon, Dick Fosbury and Jim Thorpe will also be featured in upcoming spots.
At which event in the 1968 Olympics did Dick Fosbury win with a radical new technique?
After entering the ranks of the state's elite high jumpers during indoor track this past winter, Conway firmly established residency in the Fosbury Flopping fraternity this spring.
The Fosbury Flop (1968): The United States' Dick Fosbury literally turned high-jumping upside down as he won the Olympic gold medal in Mexico City.
After taking over the reins of the OSU program, Wagner's tenure featured standouts such as 1968 Olympic gold medalist high jumper Dick Fosbury, and all-Americans Jim Barkley, Steve DeAutremont, Willie Turner, Tom Woods, Jim Judd, Hailu Ebba and Ed Lipscomb.
Tennis players Novak Djokovic, Aisam Ul Haq Qureshi, Rohan Bopanna join a long list of athletes including Sergey Bubka, Wilson Kipketer, Tegla Loroupe, Blanca Vlasic, Yelena Isinbayeva, Paula Radcliffe, Frankie Fredericks and Dick Fosbury as past Champions for Peace.
Uninhibited by the heels on her black and white patent leather stilettos, Louise dashes to the buffet, picks off some mini sausage rolls, bite-size Scotch eggs and a handful of Dorritos and she's back in her seat before you can say Fosbury Flop.
At the games in Vancouver, two former gold medalists, Dick Fosbury ('68, high jump) and Norman Bellingham ('88, kayak), signed an Olympic flag and shipped it here to Ti'lomikh Falls on the Rogue River in Oregon.
Mark presented entertainment show Survivor, which flopped so bad the show could have been called Fosbury.
2 wearing the laurel wreath logo of Fred Perry SPORTING legends who have worn Adidas include US high jumper Dick Fosbury, who won Olympic gold in 1968.
It's not so much a story about betting," says Cameron, "more like the story of the fellow who invented the Fosbury Flop, how one man changed the world of high jumping forever.