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or fu-fu  (fo͞o′fo͞o′)
A thick, doughlike West African food made by boiling and pounding a starchy vegetable such as yam, plantain, or cassava.

[From Twi fufuu, Ewe fufu, Yoruba fùfú, or kindred words in many other languages of West Africa .]
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Vos tetes, on dirait cabato melange dans foutou, to, foufou, placali, akassa, gnommi, abobo (plats culnaires), le tout pile dans mortier.
In the business potential category, Logou Minsob (Togo) received $25,000 for his Foufou Mix, a food processor designed to replace the mortar and pestles used to prepare foufou, the popular West African dish.
FouFou Dog, Jennifer Ng, VP Operations & Finance, 289-597-3681, jenn@foufoudog.
Although vital to his treatment, the separation risked him being rejected by his 17-year-old mother, FouFou, a spokesman for the wild animal park said.
Despite an initial lack of interest, FouFou eventually began to show signs of maternal affection towards Louna.
Although translated into seven other languages, including German where he became Hong Kong Pfui, and French where he was Kong Kong Foufou, the series was cancelled after a relatively short run, although NBC network in America purchased the rights to re-air the original 16 episodes from 1977-1979.
Il y avait midi et soir sa sauce-graine et son foufou.
Le premier mari m'a fait pousser des soupirs ; apres qu'il eut jete mon foufou, il a renverse mon eau.
Most of the meat is from grasscutters -- a large rat-like animal -- that provides essential protein in the Ghanaian staple diet of foufou, banku and plantain.
The brand names to buy or copy: Kate Spade, Princess Foufou, Anna Sui.
The "FOUFOUMIX "is a small electrical food processor that allows generates discreet, quick and hygienic foufou in eight minutes, substantially reducing the amount of time needed to prepare the dish, while also enhancing the hygienic conditions during production.