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adj. foul·er, foul·est
a. Offensive to the senses; revolting: "a foul little creature with greedy eyes and slobbering mouth" (J.R.R. Tolkien).
b. Having a bad odor or taste: foul breath; food that tasted foul.
c. Rotten or putrid: foul meat.
a. Containing dirt, impurities, or other foreign matter; foul water.
b. Clogged or bestrewn with unwanted material: The bay is foul with old sunken vessels.
c. Overgrown or encrusted with weeds, barnacles, or other organisms. Used of a ship's bottom.
d. Entangled or enwrapped: a foul anchor.
a. Morally detestable; wicked: foul deeds.
b. Vulgar or obscene: foul language.
c. Violating accepted standards or rules; dishonorable: used foul means to gain power.
a. Very disagreeable or displeasing; horrid: a foul movie.
b. Inclement or unfavorable: in fair weather or foul.
c. Irritable or upset: in a foul mood.
a. Sports Contrary to the rules of a game or sport: a foul boxing punch.
b. Baseball Outside the foul lines: a foul fly ball.
6. Marked with editorial changes or corrections: foul copy.
7. Archaic Ugly; unattractive.
1. Abbr. F
a. Sports An infraction or a violation of the rules of play.
b. Baseball A foul ball.
2. An entanglement or a collision.
3. An instance of clogging or obstructing.
4. A foul copy of a document.
In a foul manner.
v. fouled, foul·ing, fouls
1. To make dirty or foul; pollute. See Synonyms at contaminate.
2. To bring into dishonor; besmirch.
3. To clog or obstruct.
4. To entangle or catch (a rope, for example).
5. To encrust (a ship's hull) with foreign matter, such as barnacles.
a. Sports To commit a foul against.
b. Baseball To hit (a ball) outside the foul lines.
1. To become foul.
a. Sports To commit a foul.
b. Baseball To hit a ball outside the foul lines: fouled twice and then struck out; fouled out to the catcher.
3. To become entangled or twisted: The anchor line fouled on a rock.
4. To become clogged or obstructed.
Phrasal Verbs:
foul out
Sports To be put out of a game for exceeding the number of permissible fouls.
foul up
To blunder or cause to blunder because of mistakes or poor judgment.

[Middle English, from Old English fūl; see pū̆- in Indo-European roots.]

foul′ly adv.
foul′ness n.


n (Sport) → Foulspieler(in) m(f)
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It was filmed on Foula, even more remote than Fetlar, and focused on the death of an island, similar to the real-life tragedy of St Kilda.
The Shetland island of Foula is the last place in the UK to get what kind of internet access?
The best primary school in Scotland is Foula on Shetland, which is managed by just one teacher.
Worried friends contacted the Coastguard on Saturday after the boat - which had been due in Foula, Shetland, at 11pm on Friday - had been out of touch for 43 hours But more than five hours later, Coastguard officers in Shetland were stunned to get a message from their colleagues in the Faroes telling them that the pair had simply failed to answer their VHF radio or mobile phones.
One of the most serious cases involved Scotland's biggest seizure of heroin - Operation Foula.
Handyman Jocky was helping install solar panels on an automatic lighthouse on remote Foula in the Shetland Islands when wife Margaret phoned to say they had won a share of Wednesday's jackpot.
Tiny Foula, in the Atlantic 15 miles west of Shetland, has no shops, no pub and no easy way to earn a living.
Bashir was speaking in an election rally in Al Foula the capital of the West Kordofan state, in a campaign for a third mandate since the singing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) which led to the independence of South Sudan.
Residents on Fair Isle, Fetlar, Foula, Papa Stour and Skerries are mostly voting by post.
Project Description: Proposed by APEM this project is the preservation of the environment in the rural town of Jalon Foula to enable sustainable and equitable use of biodiversity .
Abu Ghazaleh explained: "An old friend and genius designer called Ahmed Foula came up with this name.