Fouta Djallon

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Fou·ta Djal·lon

also Fu·ta Jal·lon  (fo͞o′tə jə-lōn′, fo͞o′tä jä-lôN′)
A mountainous region of northwest Guinea. It is the source of the headwaters of the Gambia, Niger, and Senegal Rivers.
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Since science says we are all descendants of ape, victims of the Fula tribe descendants may shuttle to their pre-historic ancestors and borrow some measure of villainy and violence to counter the animals from Fouta Djallon highland.
In 1818, the young French explorer Gaspard Mollien ducked into a thicket of trees in the remote Fouta Djallon highlands of Guinea, praying that no local Fula tribesmen would see him and kill him for entering their sacred wood.
Non-wood Forest Benefits and Agroforestry Practices in the Fouta Djallon Highlands of Guinea.