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a.1.Having small pits or depressions, as the receptacle in some composite flowers.
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Other studies have described several ornamentation types in Asian species in Magnoliaceae as follows: foveolate in Michelia L.
2000) and punctate (Sharma, 1968), or foveolate (Sharma, 1968; Straka & Friedrich, 1984).
2 Shell small (adult diameter <10 mm) and predominantly white, turbiniform; sculpture cancellate or foveolate Vaceuchelus
2 mm long, fixed at 1/3 of their length above the base, base sagittate, apex obtuse; Pollen subtrapeziform, apparently sulcate, exine irregularly foveolate with tendency to insulate, lumina large to small, rounded to elongate; Ovary ca.
Section Melongena is more variable since placentation patterns 1, 2, 3 and 5 were observed, and seeds can be bulky or rimmed, smooth or foveolate.