Fox William

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, William Originally Wilhelm Fried. 1879-1952.
Hungarian-born American motion-picture executive who founded his own film company (1915) and merged with 20th Century Pictures to form 20th Century Fox (1935). His company led in the development of sound movies.
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FOX William Theodore Funeral Service to be held at Robin Hood Crematorium on Tuesday, 10th November 2009 at 11.
Without further prosecutions, now that a number of financial entities have been named in court, it is inconceivable to think that the public faith in Libor and the UK financial system as a whole will be fully restored," said James Carlton of law firm Fox Williams, who is not involved in the case.
Talking about the 'dual model,' Sona Ganatra, senior associate for City lawyers, Fox Williams, told the Financial Times:
James Carlton, a partner specialising in areas of business crime and regulation at Fox Williams, said: "This case illustrates that Kweku Adoboli, while 'rogue', could not have achieved what he did without there being significant failings within the overall trading operations and UBS clearly accepts a degree of corporate culpability for this.