Fra Filippo Lippi

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Noun1.Fra Filippo Lippi - Italian painter whose works show a three-dimensional style (1406-1469)Fra Filippo Lippi - Italian painter whose works show a three-dimensional style (1406-1469)
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The painting is dated to circa 1470, and its anonymous artist is known only as a Follower of Fra Filippo Lippi and Pesellino.
On the list of 206 are two Picassos, two Gaugins, two Botticellis, three Degases, one Matisse, one Cezanne, one Van Gogh, one El Greco, one Fra Filippo Lippi (1460), one Raphael, one Titian, one Manet, 52 Gobillards, 18 Grandma Moses and three Monets.
De su padre, el maestro Fra Filippo Lippi formado en Spoleto, se aprecia el rompimiento de gloria que evoca a la Trinidad.
About six decades after Sellaio's death, Giorgio Vasari (1511-1574) briefly referred to him in the first edition of his Lives of the Artists (Florence, 1550), specifically in his vita of Fra Filippo Lippi (1406-1469).
El cuento, podria decirse sin riesgo a 'faltar a la verdad', refiere la historia del pintor Fra Filippo Lippi desde que llega a Florencia, donde se enamora de Mona Francesca.
Italian renaissance master Fra Filippo Lippi and Spanish poet and novelist Miguel de Cervantes were among the tens of thousands of Europeans abducted by Algiers corsairs and held for ransom in the CasbaheIUs dungeons or enslaved by wealthy families.
There are, of course, points of interest--for example the crumbling walls inspired by Fra Filippo Lippi in Giacomo di Giovannofrio's unappetising copy of Lo Spagna's Nativity.
Through the eyes of stars such as Titian and Fra Filippo Lippi from the Italian Renaissance and Sandro Chia from contemporary times, angels are transformed into the many distinct images that enlighten our perceptions today.