Fractional unit

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the unit of a fraction; the reciprocal of the denominator; thus, ¼ is the unit of the fraction

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These insights include: the two unique photon structures which are dark energy and dark matter; how construction of a double- quark unit between elements is the universal fusion mechanism splicing together lighter elements into heavier ones; how General Relativity Theory and Quantum Mechanics are reconciled; and how each of the forces (strong, weak, electromagnetic) is a minute fractional unit of the gravity force; among other ideas.
4 million preferred-equity investment in a Four Seasons-flagged hotel, condo and fractional unit development under construction in Vail Village, Colorado.
The Fractional Unit Root Distribution," Econometrica, 58, 1990, pp.
Rather, 4 in the denominator should signify the fractional unit that is obtained when the whole is partitioned into four parts.
The transfer agent will not distribute any fractional SPH common units and those unitholder entitled to receive a fractional unit will instead receive a cash payment equal to the value of such fractional unit as per the market price of the SPH common units.
The Fund will pay cash both for the accrued and unpaid interest, up to but excluding the Redemption Date, on the Debentures and in lieu of any fractional Units that would otherwise be issued.