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A town of east-central Massachusetts west-southwest of Boston. Settled in 1650, it is a commercial and industrial center.


(ˈfreɪ mɪŋˌhæm)

a town in E Massachusetts. 65,113.
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Hemenway's kindness and generosity, Miss Davidson, after graduating at Hampton, received an opportunity to complete a two years' course of training at the Massachusetts State Normal School at Framingham.
Before she went to Framingham, some one suggested to Miss Davidson that, since she was so very light in colour, she might find it more comfortable not to be known as a coloured women in this school in Massachusetts.
Soon after her graduation from the Framingham institution, Miss Davidson came to Tuskegee, bringing into the school many valuable and fresh ideas as to the best methods of teaching, as well as a rare moral character and a life of unselfishness that I think has seldom been equalled.
Laura has chosen to raise money for the Resiliency for Life Program at Framingham High School.
Maddahi, Framingham cosmetic dentist, will be able to fully restore the appearance and function of their smile.
They independently evaluated the performance of the QRISK score for predicting 10-year risk of cardiovascular disease in an independent UK cohort of patients from general practice and compared the performance with Framingham equations.
The Framingham score is used in dialysis patients even though it has never been validated in that population, said Dr.
A Change of Heart chronicles the story of the Framingham Heart Study from the difficult recruitment of volunteers to the financial woes that threatened to shut it down.
The program covers strategy, management, human resources, marketing and finance among other tools that today's manager needs to maintain a competitive advantage," said Andrew Hall, MBA Director at Framingham State College.
Participants in the Northern Manhattan Study who answered yes to one or both questions went on to have a higher incidence of major vascular events, compared with patients in the same Framingham risk score category who answered in the negative, said Dr.
Castelli, medical dire ctor of the 40-year-old, ongoing framingham project, says he might have prepared the coroner for this atherosclerotic revelation had he not been out of town when the call came.
Sandra Horowitz, who is joining the Framingham Sleep HealthCenter as Medical Director, is board certified in Sleep Medicine and Neurology.