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A city of southeast Brazil north of São Paulo. It is a shipping and manufacturing center in a farming region.
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At the mention of Monte Cristo Dantes started with joy; he rose to conceal his emotion, and took a turn around the smoky tavern, where all the languages of the known world were jumbled in a lingua franca.
As they came up onto the stone plateau that crowns the hill, Amy waved her hand as if welcoming him to her favorite haunt, and said, pointing here and there, "Do you remember the Cathedral and the Corso, the fishermen dragging their nets in the bay, and the lovely road to Villa Franca, Schubert's Tower, just below, and best of all, that speck far out to sea which they say ils Corsica?
I asked you, my children,'' said the Prior, raising his voice, and using the lingua Franca, or mixed language, in which the Norman and Saxon races conversed with each other, ``if there be in this neighbourhood any good man, who, for the love of God, and devotion to Mother Church, will give two of her humblest servants, with their train, a night's hospitality and refreshment?
There were several of his priests and lawyers present (as I conjectured by their habits), who were commanded to address themselves to me; and I spoke to them in as many languages as I had the least smattering of, which were High and Low Dutch, Latin, French, Spanish, Italian, and Lingua Franca, but all to no purpose.
Every dialect from Labrador to Long Island, with Portuguese, Neapolitan, Lingua Franca, French, and Gaelic, with songs and shoutings and new oaths, rattled round him, and he seemed to be the butt of it all.
They say French was once 'the lingua franca of the diplomacy'.
Download Bassil, Franca discuss opening direct air line between Lebanon and Sao Paulo NNA - Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Gebran Bassil, welcomed in his office the Deputy Governor of the State of Sao Paulo, Marcio Franca, in the presence of Brazilian Ambassador to Lebanon, Jorge Geraldo Kadri.
The last concert in the framework of the ninth International Pharos Contemporary Music Festival is set for Friday at the Shoe Factory in Nicosia, when the Lingua Franca Ensemble will perform under the name Soundscapes of the eastern Mediterranean.
In the apartment the local priest had found for them there was already living a mysterious young woman whose name, she said, was Franca Ricci.
A film crew shot guests with Larry Silverstein, Susan de Franca, and the star brokers for Eklund's new show with Bethenny Frankel, and Fredrik Property Project
Franca, our in-house psychotherapist, has delivered a decade of therapy sessions.

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