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Dredged in flour, dipped in beaten egg, sautéed, and often served with a lemon butter sauce: veal francese.
A porous French bread with a crispy crust, baked in a rectangular loaf and often used for sandwiches.

[Italian francese, French, from Old Italian, from Old Provenç franses, from Vulgar Latin *francēnsis, of the Franks, from Latin Francī, the Franks.]
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Luciana Francese, like many of New York's real estate professionals, didn't know exactly where her career path would take her when she entered the working world.
I decided on the mozzarella Francese and my friend chose the spicy calamari fritti.
One expert, Peter Francese, makes a bold prediction.
50), nicely teamed with roasted peppers, crabmeat, asparagus and fontina cheese and dubbed ``vitello Francese.
The whimsical color illustrations by Francese Rovira are the perfect complelment to the entertaining story about growth and self-discovery through applying oneself to a new talent.
Mary Hewlett explores "the connection made by the government of the Italian city-state of Lucca between the mal francese and the practice of sodomy" (239).
27, at Springfield Memorial Funeral Home for Francese "Fran" Brown of Springfield, who died Oct.
minuetto) non e un italianismo ma parola francese, che, semmai, e stata italianizzata in minuetto (la cui prima attestazione, peraltro, non e il 1709--anno in cui compare invece minoe, francesismo italiano, cf.
If my Chicken Francese hit the floor, I was going to witness it.
Some give a particular overview of recent developments in bioethics: Barcelona's Francese Abel (originally from Portugal) provides a fine introduction to the ethics of xenotransplants; Madrid's Carlos Alonso Bedate offers a thorough bibliographical review of researchers' attempts to further their investigations into gene therapy.
28, topics explored include Culture Native Ed Ecosistema and Philippe Jacquin, L'Indiano Bianco Dell'Universita' Francese.
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