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1. A privilege or right granted by law, especially the right to vote in the election of public officials.
2. A special privilege given by government to a corporation or an individual to engage in a particular activity using public facilities, especially to provide a public service such as transportation or communications.
3. The establishment of a corporation, including the granting of certain privileges such as exemption from individual liability for the acts of the corporation.
a. Authorization granted to someone to sell or distribute a company's goods or services in a certain area.
b. A business or group of businesses established or operated under such authorization.
c. A brand name under which a series of products is released.
5. The territory or limits within which immunity, a privilege, or a right may be exercised.
6. A professional sports team.
tr.v. fran·chised, fran·chis·ing, fran·chis·es
To grant a franchise to.

[Middle English fraunchise, from Old French franchise, from franche, feminine of franc, free, exempt; see frank1.]


[ˈfræntʃaɪzɪŋ] Nfranquiciamiento m
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Kaarma's philosophy of integrating technology to help build trust with the customer has resonated with the franchised dealership community, this has led to Kaarma's customer base now representing major leading dealership groups, as well as a preferred partner relationship with Mercedes Benz USA.
Voted for by an experienced panel of judges from Motor The Franchised Dealership of the Year Award recognises excellence across the whole spectrum of business activities, including marketing, after sales, new and used car sales, and training.
Now new EU laws affecting the motor trade will mean cheaper new cars in the breakup of the current franchised dealership network, according to Carshock, the UK's fastest-growing car retailer.
Demonstrating how dealer networks can increase profitability through increased loyalty, Xtime, the industry leader in automotive customer retention solutions, today released results of franchised dealership service departments using Xtime's Marketing 7 campaigns targeting defected customers.
Now new EU laws affecting the motor trade will mean cheaper new cars in the the breakup of the current franchised dealership network, according to the UK's fastest-growing car retailer.
Dutton-Forshaw owns 38 franchised dealership representing 14 manufacturers in the UK.
VB2's virtual auction-style sales platform compliments the lanelogic platform ensuring that a dealer can receive a bid on any fresh trade vehicle by offering an alternative auction for vehicles that cannot be redistributed to a franchised dealership.
The total dollar volume of 2002 franchised dealership sales was $679 billion, or an average of $26.
CarOrder gives consumers a physical location for service and trade-ins, in addition to an established and franchised dealership behind every sale.
The new Internet EPC is available to any GM franchised dealership across the globe, including European dealerships that use microfiche for part number identification to maintain and repair GM vehicles built in North America.
The FLMMDA remains committed to its primary objective of ensuring that minorities receive a fair share of Ford franchised dealership opportunities.
Next week, every Chrysler Corporation (NYSE: C) franchised dealership in nine southern states will receive a letter and video tape from Chrysler Credit President Jeremiah E.