Francis Xavier

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Francis Xa·vi·er

 (zā′vē-ər, zăv′ē-), Saint
See Saint Francis Xavier.

Francis Xavier

(Biography) Saint Francis Xavier See Xavier

Fran′cis Xa′vier

Saint, Xavier, Saint Francis.
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Francis Xavier, Therese is co-patron of the Missions.
Keith Knowles, who has coached the St Francis Xavier School choir to international stardom, has been suspended from his job while the investigation is completed.
Francis Xavier Church in Burbank for Chris Hays, a 42-year-old man in dire need of a liver transplant.
Saturday's switch-on was followed by a special carol performance by members of St Francis Xavier School Choir.
at the Saint Francis Xavier Church, 808 Main Street, Bolton.
Francis Xavier Church in Burbank hold palms as they listen to Cardinal Roger Mahony's Palm Sunday services.
Now along with the exhibitions, church services, monument rededications, TV series and relaunch of James Cameron's floating movie behemoth - this time in 3D - St Francis Xavier Church is holding its own tribute.
The St Francis Xavier School choir, The Phil and The Farm in concert last night Picture: TONY KENWRIGHT
Francis Xavier parish at 3801 Scott Road in Burbank.
The boys'choir,from St Francis Xavier College in Liverpool,agreed to sing on the track after they were approached by The Farm.
Francis Xavier Old Tyme Country Faire beginning 6 p.
LAID TO REST: Joseph "Ronnie" Gibbons, whose funeral was taking place today at St Francis Xavier church