Franciscan Brothers

pious laymen who devote themselves to useful works, such as manual labor schools, and other educational institutions; - called also Brothers of the Third Order of St. Francis.

See also: Franciscan

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For more than 35 years, my Franciscan brothers (numbering seven at this writing) with numerous dedicated religious women and laypeople have directed an amazing outreach program for the needy sisters and brothers in the Kensington section of Philadelphia.
He was the Superior at the Franciscan Brothers of Peace, a stalwart advocate for life throughout its spectrum, and he was my friend--for well over 25 years.
Fr Gabriel Rosbotham sued Hugo Crawford, who he met in the 80s when they were Franciscan brothers, over part ownership of the home in Co Donegal.
Paul's Friary in Clearwater-a converted motel where he lives with other Franciscan brothers who return from missions and hope to escape the winter cold-there was a blank wall in the dining hall crying out for a mural.
Francis College, founded in 1859 by the Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn, is located in Brooklyn Heights, N.
Fay's Marine Store Tommy Ferguson Franciscan Brothers Rich Garbinsky Dr.
Quadros believed there existed certain "privilegios" (privileges) allowing Franciscan brothers who were "descarriados" (had lost their way) to move to Nicaragua, where they were needed in evangelization and pastoral work, and he hoped to find refuge in that part of Central America.
As he gets older people get bored by the old clown, but he learns something very important from two Franciscan brothers which he is able to demonstrate when he returns to his birthplace Sorrento on Christmas Eve.
The diversity within the Franciscan movement in this era is addressed: Poor Clare nuns, largely contemplative, but from whom an active strand emerged, involved in the education of the poor; Franciscan tertiaries, a lay group which numbered 30,000 by 1940, responsible for one of the first organised Knock pilgrimages, in 1937, and from whom in the nineteenth century there emerged a group of Franciscan brothers involved in education in the west of Ireland; and the brown-robed friars, with a range of pastoral, educational and cultural engagements, not least a major contribution from the late 1920s to Irish historical scholarship.
Christian Unity dates back to 1908 and has its origin in New York State when the Franciscan brothers and sisters were seeking unity with Rome.
He is also survived by all of his Franciscan Brothers of the Order of Friars Minor.
Francis challenged the Franciscan brothers to live among Muslims and be subject to them in order to learn their truth.
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