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or fran·co·phone  (frăng′kə-fōn′)
A French-speaking person, especially in a region where two or more languages are spoken.

Fran′co·phon′ic (-fŏn′ĭk) adj.


(Peoples) a person who speaks French, esp a native speaker
1. (Languages) speaking French as a native language
2. using French as a lingua franca


(ˈfræŋ kəˌfoʊn)

1. (of a population, country, etc.) French-speaking.
2. a speaker of French.


[ˈfræŋkəʊfəʊn] nfrancophone mf
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The sixth decade of the twentieth century, however, witnessed a great change in Canada - both in English Canada as well as in Francophonic and Francocultural Quebec.
For reasons not entirely related to expediency, Nischik works here with a truncated view of North American studies, neglecting for the most part Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean but also Francophonic Canadian literature.
And we don't hate ourselves, as much as the Francophonic orphans insist on flagellating genealogy and the alphabet.
Second : The Cabinet approved the memorandum of understanding on bilateral consultation in the political field between the Foreign Ministry of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Francophonic Ministry of Foreign Affairs and regional integration of the Gabonese Republic, signed in Riyadh on 22/08/1436 H.
La Disparition is a similar Francophonic lipogram book (in translation as A Void, by Scottish author Gil Adair, and A Vanishing, by Ian Monk).
Nazir Ahmed Sangi while addressing the Francophonic Festival Events held here at the University's auditorium.
TMI has developed its ICT export activities significantly in the past few years, mainly by providing ICT services in Francophonic West African countries, and in North Africa.
The New Republic subsequently dropped Judt as a contributing editor, and Judt's career as a Francophonic, British, Jewish, New York public intellectual, so to speak, flourished.
The release builds on the success of acclaimed Francophonic 1 that covered the very early years of Franco's extraordinary career.
To be given special notice (and not only as symptoms of the increased attention paid to Francophonic / postcolonial matters) are such pieces as Emily Apter's "Conde's Creolite in Literary History" (in a special number on Maryse Conde), Michel Fabre's "Oublies par la N.
Demetriou added: "The participation of our country at the Games of the Francophonie is a very important event for our country as it will help the promotion of Cyprus in Francophonic countries and the development of the existing bilateral agreement with Lebanon for cultural and scientific cooperation.
The visit to the UK commemorates the 20th anniversary of the death of the king of Congolese rumba, Grand Maitre 'Franco' Luambo Makiadi, and the release of a tribute double CD to the great man, Francophonic.