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Noun1.Franz Joseph - emperor of Austria and king of HungaryFranz Joseph - emperor of Austria and king of Hungary; was defeated by Napoleon III at the battle of Magenta (1830-1916)
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The Empress Elisabeth ("Sisi"), the wife of Emperor Franz Joseph (1830-1916) is now the dominant Habsburg brand.
Cantata "Criolla" by Venezuelan composer Antonio Estvez, Franz Joseph Haydn's lesser-known St.
1732: Austrian composer Franz Joseph Haydn was born.
Portraits of German Emperor Wilhelm II, the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph, the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed ReE-ad and the Bulgarian King Ferdinand I, who joined the allied front after a year, were routinely hung next to each other and became a part of everyday life, especially in German and Austrian cities," he further writes.
As part of improving energy efficiency of its buildings, the Ile de France aims to rehabilitate the Franz Joseph High School in Brunoy (91) by focusing primarily on the envelope of its buildings.
He intends to demolish the myth of the quaint Austro-Hungarian Empire under grandfatherly Emperor Franz Joseph.
The program will also feature Franz Joseph Haydn's Symphony No.
His older brother, Franz Joseph, would become emperor of Austria during the revolutions of 1848.
Perhaps the most intriguing revelation from Sunday's performance came via the opportunity to hear the work of a pair of high-profile musical relatives in close proximity to one another: fully half the program was devoted to music by Franz Joseph and Michael Haydn (brothers) and Leopold and Wolfgang Mozart (father and son).
Islam in particular has been recognized constitutionally as a religion since 1912 when the Islam Law, issued by Emperor Franz Joseph I, acknowledged Islam's followers within the Austrian half of the empire.
Having embarked at the Franz Joseph station in Vienna, I imagined Mahler and Kafka riding this same train a century earlier; the Emperor Franz Joseph Railway had connected Vienna and Prague since the late 1860s, but its formal imperial splendor had long since faded.
All in the same week we climbed Franz Joseph Glacier which was breathtakingly amazing, obviously in full-on thermals, as it was freezing.