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(German ˈfrauənfɛlt)
(Placename) a town in NE Switzerland, capital of Thurgau canton. Pop: 21 954 (2000)


(ˈfraʊ ənˌfɛlt)

the capital of Thurgau, in N Switzerland. 18,400.
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Spectacular on his debut in the Prix de Frauenfeld at Deauville, the big one was immediately declared the target.
Companies Mentioned in this Report: Zuckerfabriken rberg und Frauenfeld AG, Tereos Internacional S.
Hodgson first met Low when the German was in charge of Swiss side FC Frauenfeld in 1995 and he has been a keen admirer of the coach's work ever since.
The following month he finished fourth of ten in the Swiss Derby at Frauenfeld.
Frauenfeld is stepping it up once again, as it hosts Switzerland's largest open-air event, which also happens to be Europe's largest hiphop festival--this year's additions include another reggae stage.
Vortex Valves' new Switzerland office information is: Hungerbuhlstrasse 22, 8500 Frauenfeld, Switzerland.
Address correspondence to this author at: Medizinische Klinik, Endokrinologie and Diabetes, Kantonsspital Frauenfeld, CH-8500 Frauenfeld, Switzerland.
DIED: Former broadcaster and social worker August Frauenfeld, 82; of cancer, in Edmonton, on March 21.
The headquarters are located in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, and include a customer service center.
Anything built on top of permafrost requires special engineering adaptations," explains Oliver Frauenfeld, a climate scientist at the University of Colorado-Boulder's National Snow and Ice Data Center.