freak of nature

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freak′ of na′ture

freak (defs. 1, 2).
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About a singular freak of Nature, a curious effect of chance.
they were constructed of a cool fabric like a meat-safe), or of ambling to unknown places of destination with her foot in her cotton stirrup, was so perfectly serene, that most observers would have been constrained to suppose her a dove, embodied by some freak of nature, in the earthly tabernacle of a bird of the hook-beaked order.
Authors shall be ranked here whom some freak of Nature, making game of her poor children, had imbued with the confidence of genius and strong desire of fame, but has favored with no corresponding power; and others, whose lofty gifts were unaccompanied with the faculty of expression, or any of that earthly machinery by which ethereal endowments must be manifested to mankind.
The rules which should govern the behavior of an unmarried woman are written in red ink, graved upon marble, if, by some freak of nature, it should fall out that the unmarried woman has not the same writing scored upon her heart.
A freak of nature saw the puss born with 26 claws - eight more than a normal cat.
Andrews is the first to tell you she was a bit of a freak of nature.
A spokeswoman for Welsh Water said: 'By a freak of nature, a tree arched and went into power distribution lines above.
But that huge gap doesn't make the Devil's Canyon Colossus a freak of nature.
Sir Alex, with the brass neck that comes from being untouchable, dismissed the incident as a freak of nature that wouldn't happen again.
If you've had the misfortune to watch England's latest Six Nations adventure, you'll be well aware that only a statistical freak of nature would guarantee them anything other than a lowly finish.
True to form, publicists and managers made her into a household name almost overnight, cashing in on a voice that at best was a freak of nature.