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 (shō′păn′, shō-păN′), Frédéric François 1810-1849.
Polish-born French composer noted for the emotional expressiveness of his works for solo piano, many of which adopt the rhythms of Polish folk music.


 (shō′păn′), Kate O'Flaherty 1851-1904.
American writer whose works, such as The Awakening (1899), portray Creole life in Louisiana.


(ˈʃɒpæn; French ʃɔpɛ̃)
(Biography) Frédéric (François) (frederik). 1810–49, Polish composer and pianist active in France, who wrote chiefly for the piano: noted for his harmonic imagination and his lyrical and melancholy qualities


(ˈtʃɒp ɪn)



(ˈʃoʊ pæn; for 1 also Fr. ʃoʊˈpɛ̃)

1. Frédéric François, 1810–49, Polish composer and pianist, in France after 1831.
2. Kate O'Flaherty, 1851–1904, U.S. short-story writer and novelist.
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Noun1.chopin - the music of ChopinChopin - the music of Chopin; "he practiced Chopin day and night"
music - an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
2.Chopin - United States writer who described Creole life in Louisiana (1851-1904)
3.Chopin - French composer (born in Poland) and pianist of the romantic school (1810-1849)
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1810: Composer Frederic Chopin was born near Warsaw, Poland.
1810: Frederic Chopin, Polish composer and pianist, was born near Warsaw.
He has won prizes in several international competitions, including first prizes at the 7th Estonian Piano Competition (2008), the Steinway-Klavierspiel-Wettbewerb in Germany (2004), the International Frederic Chopin Piano Competition in Estonia (2000) and other awards.
10 n AaAaAeAa; 9" by Frederic Chopin and "Eid" by Malek Janda from the album "Echoes from Ugarit," which had been recorded in Moscow with the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra in 2008 and based on a combination of oriental melodies, Arabic melodies and Syrian rhythms on a Western symphonic orchestration.
1849: Frederic Chopin, Polish pianist and composer, died of tuberculosis in Paris, aged 39.
Founded in 2001, the Frederic Chopin Institute was created as a means of preserving Poland's greatest cultural legacies.
Many performances have taken place at the winery, with many more to come, but this Sunday -- as part of the chamber music concert series -- the winery and orchestra will present a piano recital dedicated to Frederic Chopin by award-winning Polish pianist Szczepan Konczal.
There will also be pieces by Tchaikovsky and Ms Nazarova will play a piano solo by Frederic Chopin.
BORN FREDERIC Chopin, French musician, 1810 ROGER Daltrey, English rock singer, 1944, above RON Howard, US actor/ director, 1954 DIED JACKIE Coogan, American actor, 1984, EDWIN Land, Polaroid camera inventor, 1991 PETER Osgood, English footballer, 2006, above
The program includes compositions by Ludwig van Beethoven, Frederic Chopin, Franz Schubert and Sergei Rachmaninoff.
The series will feature works by iconic Polish composer Frederic Chopin and renowned Russian composer Alexander Scriabin.
Przemyslaw Przybylski said Thursday that the passengers were evacuated at Frederic Chopin airport and airport services were checking the plane.