Free Soil Party

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Free Soil Party

(Historical Terms) a former US political party opposing slavery from 1848 until 1854 when it merged with the Republican party

Free′ Soil′ Par`ty

a former political party (1845–54) that opposed the extension of slavery into U.S. territories.
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Noun1.Free Soil Party - a former political party in the United States; formed in 1848 to oppose the extension of slavery into the territories; merged with the Liberty Party in 1848
party, political party - an organization to gain political power; "in 1992 Perot tried to organize a third party at the national level"
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The intellectual experience of the people was mainly theological and political, as it was everywhere in that day, but there were several among them who had a real love for books, and when they met at the druggist's, as they did every night, to dispute of the inspiration of the Scriptures and the principles of the Free Soil party, the talk sometimes turned upon the respective merits of Dickens and Thackeray, Gibbon and Macaulay, Wordsworth and Byron.
Four years later, Van Buren's faction would walk out altogether, forming the nucleus of the new Free Soil Party.
Their vehicle, the Free Soil Party, ran the former Jacksonian Martin Van Buren of New York for president against the candidates of the national Democratic and Whig Parties on a platform that barred the extension of slavery to the territorial spoils of a recent war with Mexico.
Also running were Democrat Lewis Cass and Martin Van Buren, the former president who had come out of retirement to run as the candidate of the antislavery Free Soil Party.

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