a.1.Done by the hand, without support, or the guidance of instruments; - of drawing or sculpture; as, free-hand drawing. See under Drawing.
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The local administration has let the encroachers a free-hand to operate their businesses with impunity.
If you're unsure of your free-hand design skills, pair the paint with a stencil for instant results.
Some exhibits warrant a visit in their own right, among them a lively free-hand sketch made in 1952-1954 by the French stained-glass artist Marguerite Hure, showing her overall colour scheme for glazing the imposing tower at the church of St Joseph at Le Havre.
The design study concludes in mid-November and by the end of November, all teams must submit final content and presentation materials, including hard-line drawings, free-hand sketches, renderings, computer generated images and site models.
The PUR FREE-HAND BREAST PUMP KIT is operated with the thumb -- the strongest part of the hand -- for smooth, one- handed pumping and better performance than other manual or electric pumps.
Multi-Center, Retrospective Study Finds SpineAssist[R] to be Clinically Acceptable and Accurate in 98% of Spinal Implant Placements When Compared to Free-Hand Surgeries
SpineVision currently offers implants for most spinal pathologies and the first free-hand electronic pedicle preparation instrument to detect possible cortex perforation.
ATLANTA and PARIS -- 1000th spine surgery performed using Company's PediGuard(TM) device, world's first and only free-hand electronic pedicle preparation instrument able to detect possible cortex perforation in the vertebral pedicle or vertebral body
ATLANTA and PARIS -- The world's first and only free-hand drilling instrument able to detect an inadvertent breach in the vertebral pedicle or vertebral body
extract edges, or sketch free-hand to create reference models.