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n.1.The doctrine or practice of consorting with the opposite sex, at pleasure, without marriage.
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1) However, these queer readings of the novel have not been fully historicized within the context of the nineteenth-century free-love movement.
This isn't just a story of people enjoying a free-love bacchanal; Summerlong also explores the consequences and heartbreak of testing the limits of relationships.
Hayden (English, Hunger College) presents a critical study of rhetoric in the free-love feminist movement, which she locates from the mid-19th to the early-20th centuries.
Aniston, 43, plays Manhattan girl Linda who, along with her husband George played by Paul Rudd, ditches the city for a simpler life in a free-love hippy commune.
Replacing 50g of white rice with the same amount of free-love rice reduces the risk by 16 per cent, according to hippies at the Harvard School of Public Health.
124) O'Connor shared Whitman's opinion: "I don't like Heywood's ways, and I don't like the Free-Love theories at all, but he has his rights, which these devils trample on.
Little surprise--many Republicans resent the free-love, flower-power sensibilities epitomized by many in the generation.
Their screaming might also have had something to do with the free-love orgies which were a regular feature of their life.
Her argument is based on the letters from readers written to the editors of over twenty free-love periodicals published between 1853 and 1908 about their sexual and marital experiences.
There's mental rednecks, hippy girls who believe in free-love, and the lads thinking they've got over the worst of the river - just before their canoe goes over a waterfall
In "Desert Bloom: Memories of 'Burning Man,'" Tim McKenzie carefully immerses himself in the free-love, "no spectators" world of the famed Black Rock festival in Nevada, only to discover that "queer space" doesn't always have to be "physically defined.
Pro-suffrage articles pleaded with women to distance themselves from Woodhull and all Free-Love theories.