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A person who regularly gathers and eats food that businesses have thrown out.

[Blend of free and vegan.]

free′gan·ism n.


a person who, through opposition to capitalism and consumerism, attempts to live without buying consumer goods, recycling discarded goods instead
[C20: from free + (ve)gan]
ˈfreeganism n
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I am a cooking manager for a charity that works in freeganism or skipping, so using food that has been thrown out by supermarkets.
It covers topics such as freeganism, food additives, fair trades and air miles.
The idea of foraging for food in a city conjures up images of sifting through large bins to find the discards of supermarkets - a pastime known as freeganism.
Freeganism grew out of the environmental movements of the mid-1960s.
Freeganism - those who eat a diet of out-of-date but still edible food pilfered from supermarket waste bins - has been around for a while.
Dyfed-Powys Police said the legality of freeganism would depend on a number of issues, including who owned the bin and whose property it was on.
Freeganism, which dates to the mid-1990s, grew out of the environmental and anti-globalization movements.
Words of the moment such as freeganism - a - a philosophy which promotes getting as much food as possible for free - are also included.
Among those words currently jockeying for recognition are FREEGANISM (a philosophy which promotes getting as much of one's food as possible from free sources), MOVIEOKE, (like karaoke, but when you act out scenes from a film), and RETROSEXUALS - men who spend as little time and money as possible on their appearance.
Mr Hewett had his first experience of freeganism while working as a marble mason in Japan in the early 1990s.
Freeganism began in America, but Britons are fast catching on.