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A female animal, usually a calf, that is born as the twin of a male animal and is sterile because of having abnormal internal reproductive organs.

[Probably free-, of unknown origin + an element akin to Scots mart, ox or cow fattened for slaughter (as freemartins often are) (from Scottish Gaelic, from Old Irish), perhaps influenced by the name of St. Martin of Tours, because cattle were traditionally slaughtered and salted for winter use on Martinmas.]


(Veterinary Science) the female of a pair of twin calves of unlike sex that is imperfectly developed and sterile, probably due to the influence of the male hormones of its twin during development in the uterus
[C17: of uncertain origin]


(ˈfriˌmɑr tn)

a female calf that is born as a twin with a male and is sterile as a result of exposure to masculinizing hormones produced by the male.
[1675–85; orig. uncertain]
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A minority of rams display a preference for homosexuality (8% on average) and a small number of the females that were accompanied by a male fetus in utero are freemartins.
The reproductive tracts of freemartins do not develop normally.
Freemartins often have a longer distance from the vulva to the anus, with the vulva being undersized or missing.
Freemartins have dysgenic testes or ovotestes, Wolffian-duct derivatives and female external genitalia frequently characterized by an enlarged clitoris.
The West Eugene club will mark the end of pre-Lenten hedonism with a party hosted by the Freemartins, Genus Pro and Papa's Soul Kitchen.