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Noun1.Fregata - type genus of the FregatidaeFregata - type genus of the Fregatidae  
bird genus - a genus of birds
family Fregatidae, Fregatidae - frigate birds
frigate bird, man-of-war bird - long-billed warm-water seabird with wide wingspan and forked tail
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Thermal soaring compared in three dissimilar tropical bird species, Fregata magnificens, Pelecanus occidentalis and Coragyps atratus.
Tenders are invited for Docking and Repair to Tip Fregata T22
Natural streamer asymmetry in male magnificent frigatebirds Fregata maggnificensinfluence on mate selection and male parental care performance.
Although results of histopathologic investigations suggested that malnutrition, because of fewer resources in the frigates' fishing area, could be the cause of the epidemic, a novel alphaherpesvirus, tentatively called Fregata magnificens herpesvirus, was detected in cutaneous crusts on the diseased birds.
Fregata minor, choose mates that are genetically similar.
CLAPTON CONCERT IN BUDAPEST: Fregata (020 7420 7305) offers return flights ex-Gatwick/Heathrow, three nights' B&B at five-star Hotel Marriott and Grade Two seated tickets for Eric Clapton live on July 18 for total pounds 399.
TENERIFE (7nts, s/c), Sep 27, pounds 211, Manchester, Direct Holidays (0870 1919 185); PRAGUE (3nts, b/b), Sep 26, pounds 299, Stansted, Fregata Travel (020 7420 7305); CRETE (7nts, s/c), Sep 27, pounds 221, Manchester, Direct Greece (0870 191 9091).
A three-night break with Fregata Travel costs pounds 299pp, including flights from Manchester, Stansted, Luton or Gatwick plus B&B at Hotel Wyspianski.
KRAKOW: Fregata Travel (020 7375 3187) offers three nights' B&B at three star hotel for pounds 289 from June 19.
Tutti stavamo come sardelle sopresse l'uni adosso a l'altro, perche eravamo insino a cinquanta passaggieri in cosi picciola fregata.
occidentalis Linnaeus, brown I R pelican Family Phalacrocoracidae (cormorants) Phalacrocorax auritus (Lesson), I O double-crested cormorant Family Fregatidae (frigatebirds) Fregata magnificens Mathews, I R magnificent frigatebird Order Ciconiiformes (herons, ibises, storks, and allies) Family Ardeidae (bitterns and herons) Ardea alba (Linnaeus), great I O egret Ardea herodias Linnaeus, great I C blue heron Botaurus lentiginosus (Rackett), I R American bittern Bubulcus ibis (Linnaeus), cattle I R egret Butorides virescens (Linnaeus), I C Butorides virescens (Linnaeus), green heron Egretta caerulea (Linnaeus), little blue heron I R E.
PRAGUE: Fregata Travel (020 7375 3187) offers B&B for two days and one night at a three-star hotel for pounds 245 all the way through November.