French blue

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Noun1.French blue - ultramarine pigment prepared artificiallyFrench blue - ultramarine pigment prepared artificially
ultramarine, ultramarine blue - blue pigment made of powdered lapis lazuli
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Available in six colors -- Matte Black, French Blue, Cabernet, White, Cream and Stainless Steel -- the line also features four unique metal trim options including Brushed Brass, Polished Copper, Satin Nickel and Chrome.
95 despite never hitting the front, while French Blue hit a high of 23 despite having a massive winning margin of four and a quarter lengths at the line.
Series 749 French Blue phone, Wild &Wolf @ Bloomsbury
An elderly neighbor gave my dad a variety of young lilac plants with blossoms of purple, white, and a deep French blue, that grew to become a hedge alongside the yard.
I dither over the French blue cheese and poached pear salad but opt for the steamed fresh mussels in a Mediterranean tomato sauce which promises a hint of chilli (PS6.
Caption: Timberlake's Salem lamp was inspired by a turned leg on a furniture piece in Timberlake's home and is in a subtly distressed French blue finish.
The success of French blue, soft rind, goats and ewes milk cheeses has been a welcome boost to retail sales amid tough global dairy market conditions, according to Sally Budd, senior account manager for Fine Cheeses from France.
In addition, other new stand mixer colors introduced this year include grass green, sunshine yellow and French blue for a total of more 40 colors and finishes.
A French blue jeans company is looking to outsource some of its corporate responsibilities to one of the southern partners in the Francophonie, and Aziz is told to baby-sit the company representative, a middle-aged woman.
The 45-year-old Coventry dad acquitted himself well, finishing sixth and taking the top prize for the best meat platter for his presentation of French blue foot chicken.
Choose from their new blues collection with colours such as Ethereal Blue, Aerial Tint, Sea Green and French Blue.