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Noun1.French franc - formerly the basic unit of money in FranceFrench franc - formerly the basic unit of money in France
franc - the basic monetary unit in many countries; equal to 100 centimes
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On the other hand, Le-Pen wants to renegotiate France's membership in the EU and return to the French currency, the franc, and abandon the euro.
He stated that they had introduced e-branch system this time by which general public could send an sms by inserting national ID card number and branch code from where they wanted french currency at 8877, adding that they would get a code in response provided they had already not received fresh currency notes from anyother branch.
It draws its name from the color of the franc, the former French currency.
resulted in losing all of French currency, 2,000 francs Peter I received his message loud and clear, but as I got up to walk away, a lady sitting nearby, and speaking perfect English, asked me about my predicament.
Le Pen also advocates for greater national security, the protection of French culture, and a return to French currency following the dissolution of the euro zone, which she considers unsustainable despite the fact that she serves as a Member of the European Parliament.
Although the two CFA francs are legal tender only in their respective regions, each region's central bank maintains the same parity of its CFA franc against the French currency, and capital can move freely between the two regions.