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In a lofty room, ill-lighted and worse ventilated, situated in Portugal Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, there sit nearly the whole year round, one, two, three, or four gentlemen in wigs, as the case may be, with little writing-desks before them, constructed after the fashion of those used by the judges of the land, barring the French polish.
With the dark nights still here, it might be time to think about spending some evenings reviving some pieces of furniture with a fresh lick of French polish or highlighting the carved sections and corbels with a delicate touch of gilding or replacing or cleaning the tarnished handles to give your treasured piece a 'lift'.
Bizet's Symphony in C may not have offered us anything particularly new, but Altinoglu gave its sunny youthfulness a decent coat of French polish, even if towards the end he resorted, like the music itself, to just going through well-oiled motions.
The property will be refreshed, including being decorated and a French polish to the stylish walnut flooring throughout, before being announced for sale on the Hayes Apartments website when it is due to become available.
French mustard is no match for its English counterpart, I'm sure you'd agree, but the absence of French windows, French kisses and French polish would leave us in a world infinitely duller and with less-shiny sideboards.
The eggplant-coloured hallway ended up yellow and white and granny's table was stripped of its French polish and painted blue.
50 s Giv clas ve Give yourself a classic French polish with this silver mini manicure set, pounds 12 at Debenhams min D
We've teamed up with our fave high street retailer so four lucky readers can each win pounds 500 to spend in store on trends that include: French Polish - Go nautical with clean stripes, gold buttons, piping/ braiding, boyfriend jackets, or parka jackets in classic navy, red and white.
OThe ultimate in sole recovery I for two hours my feet were soaked, scrubbed, slathered in a mask and cossetted in warm OslippersO before all the hard skin was filed away and my nails given a perfect French polish that didnOt budge after a week on a beach.
The listless and lifeless visitors were a huge disappointment with their peroxide playboy Thomas Castaignede unable to galvanise a pragmatic side lacking in flair and French polish.
The reviewed industry comprises companies that manufacture furniture out of wood, complete upholstered seating with wooden or metal frames, and re-upholster or French polish furniture.